Tuesday, August 10, 2010

We arrived!

Sorry it's taken me so long to post but, due to the lack of available computers and being quite busy, I haven't had much of a chance to post anything.  Trudy and I arrived in Edinburgh without too much trouble.  We were on two of the same flights together but flew separately to Heathrow from JFK. 

Ediburgh is a gorgeous city.  We are so in love with this city!  The architecture is absolutely stunning!

This is part of the old city wall with turrets and places below to shot arrows out of (I am assuming)

This is looking past the wall to the castle

Some more interesting pictures.  K1, the local yarn store, is the little blue building at the bottom of the street.

We have met absolutely wonderful people!  We had met two ladies on-line from Sacramento who were going to share our room at the hostel in Edinburgh.  It was a really, really good thing that we liked each other immediately, especially when considering the size of the rooms!

That's Jude, Trudy and Doris.  We know all about each other now on a much more personal level than you can imagine!

We drove to Stirling on Monday morning. We got a hired van for 8 ladies, 7 of whom had all met and hung out in Edinburgh.  It was really cheap when split that many ways.  The drive was gorgeous and reminded me a bit of the central Californian coast in winter time.

Our first knit camp event was the clapo-tea party.  It was a lot of fun to meet so many nice women from all over the world who love to knit and yak.  We also had a yarn swap.  Here is a picture of Trudy and Chris, from Chicago.  We had met Chris in Edinburgh and she also travelled with us to Stirling.

Our class today has been rescheduled for tomorrow so we will probably go up to see the Stirling Castle and the local area today.  We may even be able to squeeze in a bit of knitting!


  1. Lydia, I'm glad you're enjoying Scotland - and thank you for the pics of Edinburgh. It always makes me a little bit homesick seeing Edinburgh again, but it is the most gorgeous city, isn't it? Hope Knit Camp goes well, and everyone is looking forward to hearing all about it. ScottieJill

  2. hope to bump into you at Mgt Centre soon..thanks for sharing your journey so far

  3. love the photos of Scotland. Glad you are having a good time. look forward to reading all about your adventures when you get back

  4. I wish I was with yall. I am so glad you liked Edinburgh. It really is a magical city.