Saturday, August 14, 2010

I have been really, really bad..... updating this blog.  Anyway, I'd better get going where I left off.

So, on Tuesday, Trudy and I, as well as many others had a free day due to some uncertainties and changes in the knit camp schedule.  We found our way via bus into the town of Sterling which is a lovely little town about 10 or 15 miles from the university.  On our way, we asked an elderly lady where a good place to get lunch in town.  She was so sweet and told us about an Irish pub that she and her lady friends always patronized.  She gave us directions so we found our way into Neall's, a very authentic and lovely pub with not a tourist or American in sight!  The food was absolutely fabulous and, while we were eating, who should come up but this sweet little lady to make sure that we had found our way OK and that we were enjoying our food!.

We made our way to the castle via a cab because it was a really steep hill (everything here is up really steep hills!)  The castle was amazing!  Of course we all had to have our picture at the top of the very steep hill that we didn't walk up....that's me (Lydia), Trudy and Doris.  Jude was around somewhere but, being the oldest of us, she of course has the most energy and was off running about....she doesn't keep still enough to take her picture!

I would be remiss not to include a picture of the pipers and the highland dancers

The beautiful town of Stirling below the castle...

On Wednesday, we had a wonderful class in Estonian lace with Nancy Bush.  I finally can make a good nupp!  It was an all day class so we didn't do any site seeing.  We did have a fun time at the student union, sitting around and talking, knitting and, best of all, Debbie Stoller was there mingling with everyone.

Liz (greensideknits on ravelry) knitting and chatting...

Deborah, one of the local Scottish knit campers (she also got my yarn swap yarn).

Ellen McRae (maigret), Kimerley (kimberly3706), and Paula Main (pbear).

Jude (meherbie) she finally was still enough to get a picture!, Trudy and the awesome Debbie Stoller!

Sharon showing off her lovely fair isle gloves...

Carol Feller, Woolywormhead, Ann Kingstone and Suzanne Maughan (yummymummy)

I'll update everyone on the goings on for Thursday Friday and Saturday but I have to run to dinner or I might not get fed!

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